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Carpathian white smile - Samoyed kennel



Why samoyed?

Most of the people who we meet on walks and are asking what kind of breed of the dog it is, are by the name SAMOYED suprised, puzzled and just don’t get it.... That is so „not nice“ word... while they are thinking about that, our dogs come and say hi, lick and jump. We could easily say that they got them immediately – with their beautiful smile, joyful eyes and undisputable joy of the presence of the people. When talking about children it’s double joy.




Members of our kennel are living on the West of Slovakia in the town Senica. Samoyed has charmed not only us but our parents, whole family and friends too. Our families have been within living memory connected with a dog. 15 years we had gorgeous, funny, but very crazy companion, white German spitz-dog Niky. Approximately 6-7 years ago we found a dog who was very very similar to him. His breeders told us about his character and it was decided. Yes, we want samoyed.


In year 2006 we welcomed our first samoyed lady ZARA - D´Blanche Xamba Yoshi and us.

Zara is very typical representative  of the breed with all positives and negatives. As a puppy she was very crazy and we thought that we made a mistake by choosing this kind of breed. But we never could give her any blame. She looked at us with her „doggie eyes look“ and problem was solved. One couldn’t resist her. 

As the time passed by, she became true samoyed lady. We began to to think about puppies and we have asked for name protection for our kennel. In 2009 the Samoyed kennel Carpathian White Smile has been founded.

In the summer 2009 we welcomed our first litter. Zara gave birth to 9 puppies. It was very good school for us. We decided to keep one female dog out of this litter. But which one? It was 7 of them, so the decision was very difficult. Every single one of them gave us the reason to keep it. But finally we have decided to keep Lilly Ann and Xamba who is in co-ownership and comes for holiday.

If we thought that Zara is playful, in comparison to Lilly, she is quite as an angel. Lilly Ann is temperament, crazy and very curious. She is on the move all the time, wings her tale and gives away joy from everything.

Our activities

Samoyed is a dog for all purposes

·           Great family member

·           Shows

·           Canistherapy

·           Sport

Family member

Samoyed loves company of the people. He loves to be outside on the court-yard but loves house too. He follows us to the kitchen, living room, but to the bathroom too. We can’t even imagine, that our dogs wouldn’t be in the living room with us while watching TV.

We go on the trips and touristics. We often go visit our friends -  from other kennels and together we are making up „dog high jinkes“.

We do it just for our joy, dogs and fans of this amazig smiling doggie.


Samoyed has got very majestic look. Washed, groomed and first of all in great mood samoyed gets attention maybe of every person.  

We loved shows from the very beginning of our life with samoyed. We visit show especially because of the contact with people and because of other dogs from different parts of Slovakia or Europe. Also the results are not always decisive as its subjective opinion of specific judge and no title or set-back can abort love to our dogs.

We can also be proud of nice show awards. Zara has gained Slovak Junior Champion. Slovak Champion and Slovak Grand Champion, Czech Champion,   Speciality winner  and also title of the Club Champion CZ. Lilly Ann is Slovak Junior Champion.

We are very happy for our puppies, who got great results too. Female dog Azara Alizee Carpathian White Smile, who lives with her family in Bulgaria, got within few months titles as Junior Champion of MonteNegro, Bulgaria, Balkanian Junior Champion, Champion and Grand Champion of Bulgaria and Balkanian Champion.

Sport, fun

One should count on active side of samoyed breed. He can get used to „a flat regime“ but needs movement preferably together with people. Even if you have two or more dogs who can entertain themselves, they always appreciate human society.

We attend various dog events and camps. After our first attended camp in Czech Republic we fell in love with this breed totally.

At home we do sports with our dogs only from time to time, most of all we take them for long walks and various tours.



Zara succesfully made character exams and she is a suitable dog for canistherapy. Due to the lack of the time we don‘t practise it yet and we are only training at home with children.

Our plans for future

In the future we are planning to enrich our samoyed breeding in Slovakia by new blood. We are trying to keep healthy dogs, our pupies are socialised and have great character. Father of our puppies is carefully choosen. We have  in mind dogs from abroad – Czech, Denmark and Russia. At the moment we are planning to use dog Canny from the kennel Vidnavska zare. It was the love on the first sight, we know his character as his owners are our close friends and at the same time our great breeding idols.

Very difficult task is to find the best home for dogs. That is the one, where the dog will be part of the family. We don’t insist that new owners have to attend exhibitions or challenges (even if the success makes us happy) but all we want lots of love for the doggies from their owners.

Samoyed is a battery charger for us. He gives us a pleasure from life all the time and is happy with us. Samoyed is a member of our family. Without him we can’t imagine our life at all.

At the very end we can help out with the sentence of Dr. Frank Comhaire said on world’s samoyed meeting: „ Future is bright, future is white „